Dress Your Habitat with the Latest Furniture Trends

We're constantly looking at furniture, like we mean daily. Hey, it's our job! So we'd like to share some of the furniture trends we've been seeing lately. 

Curves Ahead! 

Four Hands curved sectional

The biggest trend we've been seeing lately in furniture is curves and rounded corners. A lot of furniture designs today are leaning towards soft, organic shapes with curved lines. This trend offers a break from the straight lines and sharp angles that have been popular in recent years, bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation to any space.  Curved sideboard

From curvaceous sofas and armchairs to rounded corners on sideboards and media cabinets, it gives a modern twist on the previous mid-century inspired trends. Adding just one curved piece to your space can give it the perfect modern refresh.

Sustainable Materials

Olive green curved sofa
As we become more aware of global warming and the harsh environmental effects happening around us, sustainability is becoming a top consideration for furniture buyers and makers.  This means using eco-friendly methods and materials in the production processes. We look for furniture made from natural materials like wood, cork, and bamboo — or synthetic materials that are recycled. We also seek out brands that prioritize sustainability.
Four Hands Papile Chair
This chair is from one of our favorite brands. It's a modern take on the vintage school chair.  It's upholstered in sustainably-made linen which is super soft and naturally durable. The materials are also artisan-made and free of toxic chemicals, which is great for the environment. 

Seventies Influences

Modern Seventies Inspired Living Room
Seventies decor and colors are back! We have been seeing more terracotta red-oranges, mustard yellows, and drab, natural greens. Teak wood tones and highly textured fabrics are also on trend right now which was everywhere in the Seventies. 

Comfortable Furniture

Chair testing at High Point Market

Forget having that uncomfortable chair in the corner of your living room. At Ulah Interiors + Design, we believe that each furniture piece should be functional. If it's not comfortable, than it's not functional! Every year we attend High Point Market - a furniture market in North Carolina. There, we visit all of our furniture brands and see all the pieces of furniture with our own eyes. We make sure to sit in every chair and sofa (REALLY!) to test them out and ensure they're comfortable for you, our clients. We take notes on how each piece feels—whether it's super cushiony or very firm—so we know which pieces fit our clients' individual needs.

While these trends are fairly easy to incorporate into your home, we understand that it can be overwhelming to know which pieces to keep and which to replace. If you'd like some guidance, contact us today. We'd love to help you Dress Your Habitat

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