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New Client Process for Ulah Interiors + Design
Hi! It's Jimmy from Ulah Interiors + Design. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the curtain with our projects? As a project manager & designer, I am often deep in the weeds of our processes. New trends, industry changes, and evolving client needs push us to keep our processes relevant and efficientLet's go over our new client process, so that you'll have a better understanding of what to expect.

Let's Get Acquainted

Help us understand the scope of your project by filling our design questionnaire.  Sound daunting? It's not! We've kept it simple. This will give us a summary of your project scope and needs.

Ulah Interiors Living Room

How do you want your space to feel based on the life you live? Do you want your home to feel like a calming retreat? Do you need it to be a hub for family gatherings? How much are you willing to spend? These are the type of questions that you'll work through when Bailey reaches out.

Show and Tell

If your design goals align with our cababilities, we'll schedule a design kickoff meeting in your home!

Modern Dining Room

We’ll ask you to bring the signed documents from the Welcome Packet and first retainer fee to this meeting. This ensures that we can get started by taking photos and measurements of your space. We'll discuss any further needs or wants you have for your space. We will also estimate the project schedule, considering any third parties involved.

Swivel Chair in Living Room

As we tour your spaces, we’ll take photographs and measurements to use during our design process. This helps us create mood boards, floor plans, and select appropriately sized pieces. Now, we are ready to begin the design process! 

Building the Vision

Our design process starts with a vision. Everything we've discussed and received is met with creativity, attention to detail, and years of experience. We will fine tune the logistics of your project, and define the creative direction. This is where the real fun starts and where we get to start creating mood boards and space plans!

Ulah Interiors Kitchen Rendering Design

Bringing the Vision to Life

Remember those room measurement and photos we take? Those get implemented into our space planning software to create 3D visuals of the space. This allows us to design with exact dimensions and play around with the layout options. We share these with our clients to help them visualize our design concepts.
During this phase, we'll begin sourcing specific furniture pieces. After coming up with a plan for each room, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to show the designs we've come up with. This is when we'll get your for approval and make any necessary adjustments to the design. Generally, we focus on the big pieces, first. Often times, art and accessories come in later phases once we have the bulk of the room designed. After we all are on the same page with the design, we order all the pieces that bring the vision to life! 

Primary Bedroom with Modern Night Stand

Delivery & Installation

At this point, our design process moves to delivery and installation. This is where everything comes together and we all get to see the fruits of our labor! The end goal is that you in love with your new space. Often times, we’ll have a few finishing touches and accessories to install at a later date. But, we will remain committed to your project and see it through to completion!

Ulah Living Room

ULAH Interiors + Design will facilitate the delivery and installation of all items purchased through us. Any occassional damages and claims are all dealt with by our team. We want to be as proud of the end result as you are, and will ensure that no design detail is overlooked. Part of our experience is to “wow” you on installation day!

 From concept to execution, our goal is to help make your space work for you in ways that help you feel amazing! If our services sound like something that would be helpful for you, click here to fill out the Design Questionnaire so we can Dress Your Habitat!

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