ULAH Interiors + Design Launches Home Furnishings E-Commerce Site

ULAH Interiors + Design Launches Home Furnishings E-Commerce Site

ULAH Interiors + Design Launches New E-Commerce Site with Promotion

ULAH Interiors + Design wants to continue to evolve so that we can share more of what we're passionate about with you! We love being a part of ULAH (men's apparel store) — that's where our little business was born and raised. With both the men's store and the interior design firm growing their offerings, having everything on the same website was starting to get crowded.

It's time for ULAH's little brother to get his first "big boy" room! (We always knew this day would come, though.)

As part of this update, we have moved all interior design services and products to www.DressYourHabitat.com. You'll now find even more products available to order online. Keep in mind that as we grow into this, most of our high quality "Ready Made" products will be shipped from our vendors and aren't necessarily "in-stock" here at ULAH. However, we work hard to keep our site updated to avoid any major backorder surprises.

Of course, all ULAH Aromatherapy products can be shipped via USPS or FedEx — or can even be picked up at our store at 4707 Rainbow Boulevard in Westwood, KS if you choose curbside or in-store pickup options at checkout. We will continue to grow our "In Stock" offering over the next few months.

To celebrate the launch of www.dressyourhabitat.com, we are offering 20% off all "READY MADE" products now through May 14, 2020! (Price as marked.)

Be sure you check out our DESIGN SERVICES page to learn about the ways we can help you Dress Your Habitat. Last year, we added Lucy Hull as Design Project Manager. Together we've turned our store's added interior design service into a full service interior design firm with both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need help finding the perfect furniture piece, refreshing your old house, designing your dream kitchen, or creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces — ULAH Interiors + Design is here to help. Need help conceptualizing or designing your next restaurant, office, or night club? We can help there, too!

If you ever have any questions about any of the products or services we offer online, just message us through the Contact Us page, or call / text 913-609-9714 and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Stay tuned and keep checking back as we start to professionally photograph our recent and current residential and commercial projects after the COVID19 restrictions are lifted. Until then, we have plenty of references — so don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you for being a part of our locally owned business. When you shop at ULAH or ULAH Interiors + Design, you're supporting two guys, their Kansas City dream, and all of their local employees, makers, and partners.

Stay safe,

Buck & Joey

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