The Wonderful World of Wallpaper

The Wonderful World of Wallpaper

Wallpaper isn't what it used to be - it's better! While wallpaper may seem dated to some, it has seen a resurgence with younger and hipper audiences for those craving an extra bit of style in their homes. Today, there are so many options when it comes to surfacing a wall: paint, wood, plaster, stone, tile, wallpaper. How do you know what's right for your project? There's no one right answer, but a good designer can help you narrow down the options that are right for the space, the design goals, and your budget. Let's take a look at some recent examples of how ULAH Interiors + Design has been using wallpaper.

Photo of handmade wallpaper in a primary bedroom design by ULAH Interiors + Design

As seen in the photo above, we used a Phillip Jeffries wallpaper to add texture to the wall behind our client's bed in their primary bedroom. This handmade paper has metallic gold lines running across. It feels modern, yet organic, and the metallic gold adds just a touch of glam.

Whether you want something whimsical, contemporary, a natural texture, a classic pattern, or an avant-garde print, wallpaper can help you express your own unique style without sacrificing sophistication or modernity. This photo below is an example of how we treated a soft and serene reading room for our client. We kept the space monocromatic, but added interest with a wallpaper that has a subtle metallic sheen in its texture.

Photo of a reading nook design ULAH Interiors + Design, showcasing a low-sheen metallic wall paper

With our clients spending more time at home since the pandemic, we at Ulah Interiors + Design are focusing even more on a holistic approach when it comes to accentuating a particular space. Wallpaper has become an increasingly popular way to achieve this. We really dive into the purpose of the space, along with the existing and aspirational behaviors of our clients in those spaces. In this photo below, we used a wallpaper mural in our client's home office. Playing with scale, along with nature and whimsy, helps make this home office fun to be in — all while keeping it sophisticated, tasteful, and contemporary.

Photo of a client's home office space designed by ULAH Interiors + Design, showcasing a mural wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries

Using wallpaper can help contribute to a space's ambiance in ways that other accent pieces can't. For anyone looking to add extra depth or visual interest to their space with one easy addition, wallpaper can often do the job. It's one of the most impactful ways to give a room a "vibe".

If you want to create an artistic oasis in one of your spaces, nothing beats hand-painted wallpaper. From classic florals to wispy abstract designs, the possibilities are endless! We love working with hand-painted wallpaper because it's customizable. In most cases, you can work with the artists to edit the design or shift the colors to suit your space's needs.

Photo of a clients dining room designed by ULAH Interiors + Design, featuring hand painted wallpaper by Kansas City based Porter Telo

Porter Teleo is a local Kansas City company that specializes in hand-painted wallpaper. They have a wide variety of patterns to choose from. We used this graffiti-meets-floral design for our client Elise Alexander's dining room. We were able to work with Porter Teleo to make adjustments to the pattern and the colors. We love the unexpected flair this gives off! Our mission throughout her project was to modernize the home in ways that add character and personality, but feel fitting in a 100 year old home.

Photo of women's store Luna designed by ULAH Interiors + Design, showcasing handmade wallpaper by Porter Teleo

We also used Porter Teleo on the back wall of our women's store, Luna. We love the subtle touch of moodiness and drama it brings to the store. Using wallpaper on just one wall in a room is a great way to bring attention to a certain area and create a strong focal point that pulls people in.

You may have never thought about putting wallpaper on you ceiling, but it's actually a great way to draw your eye upward and add unexpected interest. Adding a darker pattern to your ceiling can make your room feel taller. This photo below shows a recent project where we added low-sheen metallic wallpaper to our client's hallway ceiling. This photo doesn't do it justice, as it's hard to catch the subtleties of the metallics and the way it plays with the light. Wallpaper helped transform this once basic, white box of a hallway, into something full of texture and interest.

Photo of a hallway designed by ULAH Interiors + Design, featuring textured wallpaper on the walls and a metallic paper on the celing

A small bathroom can make a very big statement - courtesy of an eye-catching wallpaper. And for a petite powder room or half bath, we say go bold! It's the perfect spot to try something a bit more adventurous, whether it's a graphic pattern, a fun color, or a totally unexpected print. We had a client that loves to host parties, so we decided to go all in and give their bathroom some serious resort vibes! We used a dark textured wallpaper in the vanity area (custom floating vanity designed by our own Buck Wimberly), along with a metallic gold paper in the toilet room to create a moody design in this client's guest bathroom pictured below. 

Photo of a client's guest bathroom design by ULAH Interiors + Design, featuring a moody dark wallpaper and custom vanity designed by Buck Wimberly

Wallpaper murals are a stunning way to bring life and mood to space. They are perfect for adding an artistic touch, as well as a bit of whimsy and sophistication. For our client, Christine Sankpill (who has Latin roots), we wanted to add a South American vibe to her guest room. We used a complimentary, neutral grass cloth wall covering for the surrounding walls, alongside an unexpected pop with this stylized Frida Kahlo mural from Elitis wall coverings that guests will see opposite of the bed. Neutral furniture pieces and natural materials and accessories complete the South American motif.

Guest bedroom design by ULAH Interiors + Design, featuring a whimsical Frida Kahlo mural wall covering

Are you ready to start exploring the ways that wallpaper can offer you? Working with a knowledgeable designer can help cut through the endless options so that you're focusing on the options that work with your space, your tastes, your needs, and your personality. Contact us to let us help you Dress Your Habitat! 


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